Property, Conveyance and Environmental Law Practice

Property and Conveyanve Law

At CKR Advocates, we offer a comprehensive range of professional legal services tailored to both corporate and individual clients. Our expertise lies in real property transactions, where we handle various aspects to ensure seamless and efficient processes.

For clients involved in real estate deals, we provide services such as creating, perfecting, and applying for registration of all types of conveyances and security documentation. Additionally, we assist in the preparation, perfection, and registration of leases and tenancy agreements for both residential and commercial premises, including the management of developed properties.

Our team also specializes in managing staff mortgage schemes for corporate clients, evaluating and documenting property transactions, and providing expert advice on negotiation and structuring of property deals. We offer guidance on property syndication and conduct thorough due diligence checks on property transactions, preparing comprehensive opinions based on our findings.

Furthermore, we extend our services to advising and drafting building and construction contracts, as well as implementing property transactions related to deceased and insolvent estates. We have extensive experience in handling trusts, including their formation, administration, and drafting of trust deeds.

Environmental Law

CKR Advocates specializes in environmental law and related matters. Our growing practice encompasses a wide range of services to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and address various environmental concerns. We are involved in: 

  • Advising on and structuring transactions to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Drafting land use and zoning regulations. 
  • Applying for planning, zoning and other approvals.
  • General advisory on all aspects relating to environmental law and regulations.